"Development Grants received in 2018 were through PSIP, SSG and Leave Fares which totals to K18.100 million."

The New Ireland Provincial Government has reported a total of K 87.076 million as revenue received by the New Ireland Government in 2018. 71 % or K61.753 million was generated through internal Revenue and 29% or K25.322 million was carried over from the National Government.

Development Grants received in 2018 were through PSIP, SSG and Leave Fares which totals to K18.100 million.

PEC member assisting Governor on Planning and Finance Gethrude Salir presenting the New Ireland Governments Financial statement to the Provincial Assembly said 75% or K 63.793 million was spent on development expenditure and 24 % or K 19.966 million in operational or recurrent expenditure while Provincial administrators advance expenditure constitutes one percent or K0.958 Million of the total expenditure.

“In the operational or recurrent expenditure of K 19.669m, 93% or K18.595m expended was from Internal Revenue. K1.370m was carried over from former years Functional Grants under 287 Budget. While Kavieng received K470, 244 and Namatanai K297,611 from the internal Revenue Expenditure,” explained Salir.

A total savings of K2.359m or 3% of the total revenue was made and carried over to the 2019 Budget.

In the Development expenditure of K63.793m, K40.096m or 63% was spent on infrastructure projects. Namatanai District received Fifty Nine percent orK23.490m in funding and Kavieng district received 41% or K 16.606m.

“Almost70% of these infrastructure projects are funded from our internal revenue. The main source of our internal revenue is the royalties we receive from Lihir Gold and this is where we have spent our money. Our money is spent either in Namatanai or Kavieng District. We will ensure that all roads are accessible to our people. Our road systems are now much better than before and we willcontinue to fund other remaining roads to link up with the Boluminski Highway.”

Government priority programs such as Ward Level Projects, Old Aged and Disabled Pension,Free & Subsidized Education, Roof overhead, State/Church partnership andothers received K23.697m or 37% of the total Development Expenditure.

Meanwhile the 2019 New Ireland Budget was amended and approved by the Assembly from K269.169m to K246.355m, a reduction by K22.815m. Salir explained the change came about automatically after the introduction of the Integrated Financial Management system which replaces the PNG Accounting system or PGAS. “This was due to duplication of DSIP, LLGSIP and LLG Functional Grants in the DDA, LLG and Provincial Government Budgets. It was removed from the Provincial Government Budget under National Government Grants – 287 budget and its now only captured in the DDA and LLG Budgets.

Because these funds are paid direct to District Treasury. The provincial Treasury does not hold any DDA funds. They are paid direct.

Governor and Chairman Sir Julius Chan also took time to thank all the Presidents and acting Presidents for their efforts in managing their LLG’s while wishing themall the best in the upcoming LLG elections.

The first Assembly sitting of the 2019 also saw the attendance of the two Open MPs after notable absences in 2018.


March 18, 2019