"Allegations have surfaced of sexual favors being solicited in exchange for grades by a certain male lecturer at the University of Papua New Guinea."

Allegations have surfaced of sexual favours being solicited in exchange for grades by a certain male lecturer at the University of Papua New Guinea.

A final year female student claimed she was sexually harassed by a lecturer of the University a week prior to the exam week.

The student reached out to Legend FM News with detailed evidence of their conversations after realising that the concerned lecturer was not terminated as promised by her Head of Department (HOD) when the matter was reported.

She had reported the matter to both the HOD and the Executive officer of the particular Department.

The incident started when the said student emailed the lecture requesting to hand in her assignment late giving the reason that she had other assignments and a take home test that clashed with his assignment.

The lecturer replied by stating, “I will penalise students who hand in late assignments including you, call me to discuss further,” and left his mobile number at the bottom of the email.

“I tried calling the lecturer but his phone was off so I texted him to let him know that I had got his number from his email and had called to discuss the assignment.”

“The lecturer then replied asking me to meet him in person at Vision City to drop off the assignment.”

“He then texted and asked me to do him a favour that would guarantee me a High Distinction grade.”

The said student stated that this was followed by other text messages asking the student for sexual favours in return for a High Distinction.

“He even called me up and the conversation was recorded where he stated clearly that he wanted sexual favours and that no one would know about it.”

The next day, the said student and her mother went to the Head of Department and reported the incident.

“The HOD then called in the lecturer and told us to settle the issue in the customary way by telling the lecturer to compensate me.”

“My mother was furious at the HOD and how he was handling the matter and she demanded for drastic action to be taken.”

“The following day, the Executive officer of the Department was informed about the incident and she assured me the lecturer would be terminated, however I saw that same lecturer conducting exams during our exam week.”

Legend FM News contacted the Office of the Vice Chancellor for details on the actions taken about the lecturer involved in the allegations and the response was that the VC’s office did not receive any report from the concerned Department about this incident.

Chancellor Dr Nicholas Mann also told LegendFM News that they would look into this matter and address it as a priority.

By Christine KILDI
March 5, 2019