Students at Burunotui Vocational Centre in Buka, Autonomous Region of Bougainville will have more reasons to smile in the New Year with the installation of new solar lighting for the school, thanks to Bank of South Pacific (BSP)

After a two hour drive and a 15 minute boat trip from the Buka Township, the staff from the BSP’s Buka Branch managed to complete the installation of four (4) new solar panels, lights for the classrooms and a street light complete with a new battery.

Burunotui Vocational Centre’s Manager, Mrs Anne Lingling expressed her gratitude and praised BSP for choosing the Centre as part of BSP’s Community Project initiative for 2018. She said it will help in the long run with the school's development stage and its students, preparing them for a better future in education.

BSP staff also presented additional gifts to the school which included mattresses, pillows, office chairs, cooking bowls and buckets for the students to use.

Mrs. Lingling added that the Community on the Island appreciate and value BSP’s support through its many community projects in Bougainville and as seen throughout the country and urged their support in ensuring they look after these property.

BSP Buka Branch Manager Julie Warren said that, “Getting here to do this handover ceremony was a challenge in itself and I acknowledged and commended the Centre’s Administration and the community for ensuring access to education for students.”

“It takes a lot for schools and their communities to operate in environments such as this where access to basics such as access to power and light are a daily struggle. With this project, the benefits of having electricity at schools will go beyond just lighting to study at night. It also provides a sense of security for the community.” She said.

BSP Buka Branch is the 40th out of 46 community projects rolled out for this year to officially handover its project.

Media Release
December 28, 2018