“The Grand Opening which was set for the 27th - 28th February is now rescheduled to the 11th – 12th April."

After much thoughtful deliberation and reassessment with consideration for the safety of the people during this heavy monsoonal season the Governor Sir Julius Chan today announced the rescheduling of the Grand Opening of the Boluminski Highway to April this year.  

“The Grand Opening which was set for the 27th - 28th February is now rescheduled to the 11th – 12th April.  We are all preparing and psyched up to celebrate in the biggest show of unity and style but we cannot control the forces of Nature – it is beyond you and me,” said Sir J.  

The Governor announced this publicly at the gathering of church elders and representatives of education institutions and the Australian Doctors International, at the presentation of cheques and payments from the New Ireland Government to these organizations under the partnership arrangements with them. 

Sir J said he consulted with the Provincial Administrator, the Organizing Committee,the technical team on his site inspection of the celebration venue at Bopire plantation and widely with the local people. It was clear that the prevailing bad weather right across the country,which began in December and forecast by the National Weather Office to end in May is the other big consideration that has come into play. 

“We cannot control the forces of Nature, it is beyond you and I.  We thought long and hard given the high water levels with continuous rains, strong winds and rains and massive flooding and destruction in the Kandas areas of Konoagil LLG in southern New Ireland.  

“The Boluminski Highway is the biggest project highlight in our history as a province and backbone of our development since the colonial era.  It is not just a road; it is our channel of development over the past, now and into the future. And it is not just the highway;we will be launching the modern state-of-the-art sporting stadium and the new township of Bopire.”

The Grand Opening is a time for all of New Ireland in the 142 Council Wards to unite in one accord each bringing a pig for the ceremony whilst other sponsors and my Government will top up for a total of 200 pigs to mark the event.  New Ireland’s rich cultural heritage will come out in full flair from its iconic Tubuan, Kabai and Malagan cultures, with choirs and string bands to echo beautiful sounds across the arena.


February 15, 2019