"The funds will go towards meeting the needs of the children that they care for and those as well who are out on the streets."

BSP Finance Management and staff presented a cheque worth K5, 000.00 to LIFE PNG CARE.

LIFE PNG CARE founded by Collin and Freda Pake have taken in forty five children who are orphaned and neglected by relatives and have fed them, provided a roof over their heads and have sent them to school.

BSP Finance Country Manager Brett Taylor said that it was his staff that identified that there was a foundation that needed help with the large number of children that this couple housed and gave the cheque as part of their community works programme.

Founder Collin Pake said that receiving the cheque would be of tremendous help to him and his wife to meet the needs of not only the children that he cares for but also for those who are out on the streets.

“The youngest of the children we take care of is 7 years of age and the eldest is now 18 years of age and has just completed her grade ten”, said Pake.

Pake continues to work closely with churches to identify orphaned children.

Bridie VERE
December 5, 2018