"PM Marape’s full cabinet, also includes some members from the Opposition; Kerenga Kua as the Petroleum Minister and Bryan Kramer as the Police Minister."

The newly appointed Cabinet of Prime Minister (PM) James Marape will be taking a two-sector approach in addressing the current social and economic woes in the country.


The PM, following the official swearing inof his newly appointed ministers, said the government is in the business of restructuring the cabinet into two clear division; Social Sector & Economic Sector.


The Social Sector will be presided over by the Deputy PM, Davis Steven to improve service delivery. This sector includes,Police, Health, Education, the Courts, Defence Force and Social and Community work.


The PM himself will preside over the Economic Sector in partnership with the Treasury Minister, Sam Basil. This area includes the debt status of the country, resource laws for all resources both renewable and non- renewable, and Trade and Commerce.


“Our intention is simple, in two years you don’t expect us to do miracle before 2022 elections. The least we can do is fixing our system for government and ensuring we get our country back in the right direction in which it’s supposed to go as far as growing the economy and getting out key priorities sorted out,” said the PM.      


Meantime, PM Marape’s full cabinet, also includes some members from the Opposition who have now been taken into the government side with their appointments. These members are Kerenga Kua as the Petroleum Minister and Bryan Kramer as the Police Minister.
PIC: New Police Minister Hon. Bryan Kramer.
PIC: New Petroleum Minister Hon. Kerenga Kua.


In total 25 new ministers were sworn in today at the Government House in Port Moresby, and with the 8 caretaker ministers already in place, the full Cabinet of 33 ministers is now set.

The full Cabinet is as follows;


1.      James Marape- Prime Minister

2.      Steven Davis- Deputy Prime Minister &Minister for Justice & Attorney General

3.      Sam Basil- Minister for Treasury

4.      Richard Maru- Minister for National Planning

5.      Charles Abel- Minister for Finance &Rural Development

6.      Sir Puka Temu- Minister for Bougainville Affairs

7.      Kerenga Kua- Minister for Petroleum

8.      Johnson Tuke- Minister for Mining

9.      Sasindran Muthuvel- Minister for State Enterprises

10.  Michael Nali- Minister for Works &Implementation

11.  Wera Mori- Minister for Commerce &Industry

12.  William Samb- Minister for Transport &Infrastructure (Air Niugini Ltd)

13.  Lekwa Gure- Minister for Civil Aviation

14.  Renbo Paita- Minister for Communications& Energy (Telikom Limited, PNG Power Ltd)

15.  Soroi Eoe- Minister for Foreign Affairs& International Trade

16.  Saki Soloma- Minister for Defence (National Fire Service, National Volunteer Services, National Disaster)

17.  Wake Goi- Minister for Community Development, Youth & Religion

18.  Chris Yer Nangoi- Minister for Correctional Services

19.  Jeffery Kama- Minister for Environment& Climate Change

20.  Lino Tom- Minister for Fisheries &Marine Resources

21.  Solan Mirisim- Minister for Forest

22.  Elias Kapavore- Minister for Health and HIV/ AIDS

23.  Nick Kuman- Minister for Higher Education,Science & Technology

24.  Justin Tkatchenko- Minister for Housing& Urban Development

25.  Petrus Thomas- Minister for Immigration& Border Security

26.  Pila Niningi- Minister for Inter-Government Relation

27.  Alfred Manase- Minister for Labour & Industry Relations

28.  John Simon- Minister for Agriculture &Livestock

29.  John Roso- Minister for Lands &Physical Planning

30.  Bryan Kramer- Minister for Police

31.  Wesley Nukundj- Minister for Public Service

32.  Emil Temur- Minister for Tourism, Arts& Culture

33.  Joseph Yopyyopy- Minister for Education


In addition, it has been cleared also that the Ministry for Sports comes under the PM.  


“As I said after my swearing in as Prime Minister, it is my intention to undertake a holistic diagnostic of key economic and social issues so that we can determine the best path forward and clearly,this will take time. But I am confident that in the Cabinet announced today,that we have the experience, talent, youth and energy to bring about substantial change,” said the PM.

“I am confident that the Cabinet will help me steer the country in the immediate future as we seek to address the critical needs that we face.”


“Together we will transform our great nation. Building on the success of the past, addressing the challenges of the future and bringing increased wealth, prosperity and opportunity to all,” he said.


By Emmanuel MAIPE
July 8, 2019