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BSP is pleased to announce the launch of ‘eGiving’ (electronic giving) using BSP’s e-Commerce Payment Gateway to ease challenges of being physically present at a venue to bless the mission with tithes and offerings.

This new initiative enables the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) mission to reach over half a million attendees locally and many more overseas to return tithes and offerings to their local churches online”, said Rishan Gounder – IT Manager of the Papua new Guinea Union Mission (PNGUM) Office.

“Although the impact of Covid-19 has seen the reduction in numbers of our usual physical gatherings, we have seen an increase in alternative online forms of communication being adopted by our congregation members such as WhatsApp, emails and social media”, Pastor R. Jonathan, Stewardship and Church Growth Director, PNGUM.

“Our Mission Statement is to make disciples of Jesus Christ who live as his loving witnesses and proclaim to all people the everlasting gospel of the three angel’s messages in preparation for his soon return (Matthew28:18-20, Acts 1:8, Revelation 14:16-12)”, added Rishan.

The Adventist Church in PNG has a rich and long history with over 4000 congregations nationwide.

The church has been unifying people through the word of God in Papua New Guinea for over 100 years.

The SDA mission’s local church activities covering health, education and community service amongst others have been possible through the commitment of tithes, offerings and donations by congregation members at usual gatherings.

The e- giving platform will now make it much easier for Congregation members to return their tithes and offerings.

Congregation members can simply logon to the website select a church to commit to and give online using a BSP Visa Debit Card or any other banks card that allows online payments to be conducted.

Businesses or organisations interested in setting up a payments page on their website can and call BSP 3201212 or 70301212.

Images: Errol Ope being able to return tithes through his phone

November 24, 2020