"It is understood that all three players did not turn up for the recovery session on Monday that prompted the coaching staff to locate their whereabouts."

Three PNG SP Hunters players have been omitted from the team for this weekend’s match for disciplinary reasons.

The three players include McKenzie Yei, Junior Rop and Joe Joshua, who played well in last weekend’s match but failed to turn up for training this week.

“Joe Joshua has not turned up for training yesterday so I assumed he probably had a big night on Sunday and he just turned up at camp last night, he’s still not here for training”  

"I was not aware of his whereabouts so I’ve asked his manager to go talk to him” said coach Marum.

It is understood that all three players did not turn up for the recovery session on Monday that prompted the coaching staff to locate their whereabouts.

“McKenzie Yei and Junior Rop did turn up for training this morning but they have missed the important part of training which is the recovery session  that happened on Monday and that cost them one game”

“I spoke briefly to McKenzie Yei and Junior Rop this morning and they said, they were just at home with their families and that just wasn’t good enough for us since we put the team first”

The coach said the three players are expected to receive their first warning letters.

Coach Marum admitted that the team has not been performing that well and for the sake of the fans and the sponsors, the team management will be strict when it comes to disciplinary matters so it does not affect their performance on field.

“We have a code of conduct in place so depending on the type of disciplinary issue, they either miss a game or pay a fine”

Meanwhile the team will be taking on the East Tigers in Brisbane this weekend to kick off round four of the Intrust Super Cup.

Former SP Hunters Captain Ase Boas is expected to return to the starting line-up replacing William Mone at half back.

Shane Haro, Kevin Appo and Eppel Kapinias will make their debuts as Hunters number 74, 75 and 76 respectively with Woods Kawage as Hunter Number 77 to come off the bench.

Jack Oii, Jerry Teme and Jordan Pat have been named on the extended bench.  

The 20 man squad as follows:

1.      Bland Abavu

2.      Junior Rau

3.      Shane Nigel Haro

4.      Adex Wera (C)

5.      Wawe Paul

6.      Justine Yoka

7.      Ase Boas

8.      Moses Meninga

9.      Charlie Simon

10.  Enoch Maki

11.  Kevin Appo

12.  Epel Kapinias

13.  Stanton Albert


14.  Wood Kawage

15.  Baundo Aba

16.  Dilbert Isaac

17.  Brendon Nima

18.  Jack Oii

19.  Jerry Teme

20.  Jordan Pat

Coach Michael Marum will finalise the travelling 18 man teamon Thursday and they travel to Brisbane on Friday.  


By Christine KILDI
March 26, 2019