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The Fox 202 Unit confiscated a freezer container shipment at AES wharf yesterday around 12pm.

Zone 2 commander Tobby Amago’s men, NCO-Team Leader Constable David Moses and his team were attending to a complainant’s case in delivering a summons when they came across a suspicious taxi driver on its way out of the wharf.

They stopped the driver to conduct a check-up when the offside ran off.

Team Leader Constable David Moses said “The taxi was checked immediately by my team and I, where we found boxes of fruits like pineapple, lemon, and peanuts and tight wraps of Marijuana within the boxes of fruits. We immediately detained the suspect and drove back to the AES Wharf to have the suspect reveal the freezer container in which the Box of goods were obtained. The Freezer containers had more stacks of illicit drugs packed with more perishable goods in Boxes.”

On Saturday at 3pm the 20ft container was taken to the Gerehu Police station for thorough checks with more food bags inside which included potatoe bags, kaukau bags, cabbage bags, carrot bags, avocado bags and lemon Bags.

The acting OIC for Drug and Vice Senior Sergeant Bruno Morgan revealed that the amount of drugs confiscated in the container found in the boxes weighed 17.2 Kilograms.

Snr Sgt Morgan said “The Drug issue in the country is getting out of hand, and most of the offence committed like petty crimes up to criminal offences is drug related.”

Meanwhile Constable David Moses and and Senior Sgt Bruno Morgan revealed that the suspect was detained at Gerehu Police station, and was released by the Police officers working the nightshift on Friday night at Gerehu Police station.

Details on the suspects' release is still unkown.

September 28, 2020