"The government is not doing enough for Persons with Disabilities and it’s time they recognize them as part of the community and accommodate them."

Empowering Persons with Disability and ensuring inclusiveness and Equality is this year’s theme for International Disability Day.

PWD organizations in the communities around the country are now working together with one aim that their voices can be heard.

PWD communities would like to see inclusiveness in all areas like sports, education and generally every other areas in life.

Managing Director for Cheshire Disability Benard Aieko said they feel the government is not doing enough and it’s about time they recognize them as part of the community and accommodate them.

‘’The biggest problem that exist is exclusion, exclusion in the context the the main stream community does not appreciate and recognize and accommodate the Persons with Disability ‘’, said Mr Aieko.

‘’What we want is for government and development partners to make sure all schools are accessible especially to children with mobility problems and also to make sure teachers in the main stream schools are well trained to facilitate them’’.

Mr Aieko also made a proposition for the government to partner with PWDs supporting agencies with resources so they can better equip the PWDs to be meaningfully contributing to the welfare of this country as any able person.

The Cheshire Disability Centre aspires to involve PWDs in sporting activities which can lead a long way. Aieko said they are fostering partnership with different sporting codes and the results have proven to be overwhelming.

Moreover Mr Aieko added that in their process of rehabilitation they are looking at it holistically, therefore  they are focusing on sports as one of the rehabilitation program. 

By Prisca KARLO
April 3, 2019