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The ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) Bill was passed in parliament by members yesterday with an overwhelming vote of 96 to 0.

One member who was excited about it all is Oro Governor Gary Juffa. He was pleased it finally got the passing, saying that it is a huge plus for democracy in Papua New Guinea (PNG). “It was a wonderful effort of solidarity by both sides of the house, the government, and the opposition. They all voted for this bill,” he said. “There were some concerns raised by some leaders about the independence of that organization and to ensure that it was not politicized. So, we were assured by the Attorney General and the prime minister that amendments will be put in place to ensure that ICAC is operated in a fair and transparent manner.” Juffa also said it is intended that the ICAC executives will be foreigners who will come into the country and establish the organization and manage it. “ICAC will be looking at offences and crimes committed, not just by leaders, but also people in the public sector and private sector,” he said. He also urged Papua New Guineans to hold this organization to account when it is established. “We have a number of organizations that unfortunately we feel that are either unable to do their work, they don’t get the political support or the resources. We want to make sure that this organization as others, should be able to get the support they have so that they can do their work on behalf of the people of Papua New Guinea without fear or favor.”

November 18, 2020