"NCD/Central Divisional Commander ACP Donald Yamasombi says there are no cases currently been investigated."

A much heated topic of recent weeks from almost everyone on the reports of kidnappings in the National Capital District has subsided.

NCD/Central Divisional Commander ACP Donald Yamasombi said they have not been getting any more complaints on kidnappings however said a team of investigators are investigating certain posts on social media (Facebook) currently.

“We do have an investigation team looking at the posts that were uploaded on the social media platforms, and those reports have subsided.
“Because we don’t get any more of those reports coming in”, ACP Yamasombi stressed.

ACP Yamasombi maintains that were never any reports of kidnappings and those reports were fake.

“I still maintain they were all fake, because unless we had reports and there were such cases in NCD”, he said.

When asked if there were any cases reported to be investigated and are been investigated, he said there no cases currently been investigated.

“When you look closely at cases where they are as kidnappings, they completely have different meanings to them.

“And in the case of kidnapping, is when somebody is taken away and deprived of their rights as to free movement and is taken and kept somewhere”, said ACP Yamasombi.

May 30, 2019