“The Draft MOU was not discussed and approved by the NEC prior to the PEC Decision”

Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta has misled the Gulf Provincial Assembly and the Provincial Executive Council (PEC) in supporting a proposed MOU between the State and the Gulf province over the Papua LNG.  

Kikori Member Hon Soroi Eoe expressed grave concerns over the MOU saying the Gulf Provincial Assembly and the PEC have both been deliberately misled by the Chairman and Governor, Hon Chris Haiveta into agreeing, supporting and passing PEC Decision to support the MOU.

“The Governor was aware that the Draft MOU had not gone through appropriate NEC approval process, including scrutiny and clearance by the State Solicitors office because of legal and financial implications of the content”,

“The Draft MOU was not discussed and approved by the NEC prior to the PEC Decision”, Eoe stressed.  

Eoe a state minister in the current government pointed out that prior toand since, the signing of the Gas Agreement he (as the local Member for Kikori) has met and consulted with over 300 land owner representatives and leaders from the Baimuru, IHU and Pawae Papua LNG project impact areas.

He said the purpose of these meets are to bring landowners representatives to iron out group differences that exist, to share correct information regarding the content of the Papua LNG Gas Agreement and to establish a representative Working Committee that will prepare and complete a UNIFIED Landowner Position Paper at the up-coming Development Forum.  

“A Working Committee co-chaired by former Gulf Governor Mr. Havila Kavo and Jacob Kairi with identified representative leaders from Baimuru, IHU and Pawaea project impact areas, has been established and is scheduled to visit the district for further awareness and consultative meetings with village based landowner groups during the month of May 2019”, the member said.

A land owner position paper will be finalized following these consultations. A technical team has been selected to work alongside the Working Committee to complete the task.

The Minister is concerned that Pawaea, Baimuru and IHU landowners be properly consulted and meaningfully engaged in an open transparent and robust process such as the one he is spearheading and urges the Governor to work with him in this regard.

“Otherwise confusion and conflict is likely to result amongst the landowners. Furthermore, the project Well Head and Project Impact Land-Owner interests must be properly and appropriately reflected in the MOU”, he said.  

"This is not the case in the Draft MOU that has been knowingly and illegally bull-dozed through the PEC process by the Governor.” The Member for Kikori said.

May 30, 2019