"K1.8 million was spent on the education sector, K1.3 million on health while K400,000 on agriculture sector so far."

Almost K3.5million of landowner funds have been spent in two years to build vital infrastructure projects to benefit LNG Plant site landowners in Central province.

Mineral Resource Development Company (MRDC) Managing Director Mr. Augustine Mano, said K1.8million was spent on the education sector, K1.3million on health while K400,000 on agriculture sector so far.

The projects completed from the funds spent include, two double story classrooms for the Papa Primary School, a level two health centre in Porebada village and two new heavy duty tractors for Boera Women in Agriculture to be use for all four villages in the LNG Plant site area.

Mr.Mano also attributed the success of these projects to good partnership with stakeholder partners like Exxon Mobile PNG and the government, and good leadership from the chair and directors of the landowner trustee company, Gas Resources PNG LNG Plant Ltd.

“The most important thing now is that we started the first step and it’s not going to be the last. As long as we have the PNG LNG Project and the leadership around, I’m sure you will see that we will keep on improving,” said Mr. Mano.

The three projects that were commissioned yesterday was funded by the landowner trustee company through its Community Infrastructure Trust Fund, managed by MRDC.

By Emmanuel MAIPE
March 8, 2019