"PPC MIlne Bay's vehicle has been burnt, including 8 houses at the Police Barracks premises and two civilians dead in the crossfire."

Members of the mobile squad will travel to Alotau tomorrow to assist local police assess and contain the situation.  

Joining the Mobile Squad are Detectives and CID officers to conduct investigations.

Deputy Commissioner Police (DCP) Operations Jim Andrews confirmed that vehicle belonging to Milne Bay Provincial Police Commander has been burnt, including 8 houses at the Police Barracks premises.  

DCP Andrews said it is believed that the situation started from December last year when police burnt several houses at Kitava compound in the attempt to capture criminals who were believed to be hidden by locals at the compound.  

Mr Andrews confirmed crossfire between police and criminal elements  yesterday evening that resulted in one criminal shot dead with others sustaining injuries and on the run.  

Meanwhile, Alotau Hospital CEO Billy Naidi confirmed two civilians sustained multiple gunshot wounds and died after being rushed to the hospital.  

Eyewitnesses say the situation had gone from bad to worse with the public advised to stay away from work until the situation calms down.  

By Serah PALEK
February 13, 2019