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Strickland Bosavi Foundation, an NGO operating in the rural areas of Western Province is seeking financial assistance from the Government to purchase snakebite kits.

This is after the snakebite cases in the area had increased to 21 including two deaths over the course of this year.

CEO for Strickland Bosavi Foundation Sally Lloyd said they will provide training for every family on how to use the snake bite kits if someone comes through with funding for the kits.

“We want to train them to ensure they do their own bandaging properly and help the patients quickly.”

“Most snakebite victims could be airlifted in less than 10minutes if there was better network or if the hospital shad telephones.”

She added, “Instead the families had to walk for days with the victims leading to their death, hence if they were trained to help themselves with the kits, then the results will be much better.”

This snakebite intervention program will cost up to k100, 000 and it will benefit 5000 families living around that area.

Photo Courtesy of: Strickland Bosavi Foundation

By Sharon TANDA
November 24, 2020