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NCD Governor Hon Powes Parkop is welcoming a decision by the Marape-Basil Government to establish a Special Parliamentary Committee on Gender-based Violence.

It will be chaired by Alotau MP Charles Abel. East Sepik Governor Allan Bird was appointed as his deputy .He said the other committee members include Chimbu Governor Michael Dua, Rabaul MP Allan Marat and himself. Governor Parkop said the news complemented well the first National Summit on GBV which ended on a very successful note with outcome statement and resolutions. "We have a long way to go but today we are starting the real journey not only to deal substantively to end GBV but more importantly, to bridge the huge gender divide in our country. I welcome this announcement and thank the Government for making this important decision," he said. Ending Gender-based Violence is absolutely critical to achieving the noble goals that are the foundation of the country, he said. "Goals one and two of our National Goals and Directive Principles call for equality of all our citizens and for every person to take steps to free himself or herself from all forms of domination and suppression. "Women and girls of our country have seen their rights and space shrink and their voice downed due to violence among other barriers. Ending gender-based violence will enable our country to benefit from the collective abilities and energy of both men and women, and, boys and girls," said an elated Governor Parkop, adding: "This is the potential we will unleash once when we reduce or end GBV and empower women and girls to be equal partners to develop and lead our country and our people. Today is a small step but a great start and it should be welcomed by all our people."

November 12, 2020