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Prime Minister (PM) James Marape last evening said he will be seeking legal advice from his lawyers regarding the call from the Speaker of Parliament to reconvene the parliament sitting today.

Speaker, Job Pomat, said the motion moved by the Opposition Leader, Belden Namah, to adjourn parliament to December 1st was not in order because under the Organic Law Section 2-1 A, only a minister can adjourn parliament, not any other member of parliament. “That is something that I intend to do first thing tomorrow (Today Tuesday 17th November) morning. I will get my lawyers to look at the speaker’s call and go to court at the very earliest and to ask the court to direct parliament to reconvene,” said PM Marape. “I like to assure our country and our citizens that the government that I lead, is not here to be reckless and to break laws. Laws are in place; we follow every law under the sun and our conduct as members will be honourable to ensure that parliament integrity is restored. ”Meanwhile, the Opposition will be consulting their lawyers as well following the call from the Speaker. It is understood the Opposition will be making a statement as well after talking with their lawyers. After all the motion by the Opposition Leader to adjourn parliament last Friday, was granted to go ahead by the Deputy Speaker at the time.

November 17, 2020