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The oversupply of power into Port Moresby’s power grid has its benefits one being a reduction of the cost of electricity passed on to customers, but benefiting from this will now depend on an improved distribution of electricity provided by PNG Power Ltd (PPL), the state owned power company.

PNG Power Board Chairman Mr. Peter Nupiri, when speaking at the commissioning of the new Dirio Gas and Power plant in central province on Thursday 19th November, said with this oversupply, the company will now be looking at how it can be able to utilize it.

“We now need to start looking at how we can be able to utilize that power. That of course is a challenge for PNG Power,” he said.

But some of the power infrastructures that have been classified as poor or deteriorating, must be fixed, or improved also to cater for this supply, so that uninterrupted service can take place. Therefore, the focus will be on putting the money where it is needed, that is in the infrastructures, but funding has always been an ongoing challenge with PNG Power.

“Many of you know PNG Power we have not been doing very well, but it’s a long journey and we have all those challenges there. In terms of power generation, Port Moresby we are okay, but we still have to address a whole lot of other issues we have.”

“We haven’t been able to invest enough money to upgrade, to repair our existing infrastructure. That’s our biggest challenge in the Port Moresby grid.”

But this is not stopping the power company to put in efforts to improve its service to the people. Mr. Nupiri, also announced that work is being done to really do something about this matter.

“We are starting to do some work through ADB, there is a 60million Kina funding with some studies going on at the moment to try to understand what’s happening with the grid, so we can improve,” he said.

Meanwhile, the oversupply is attributed to direct input of 45 megawatts from the new Dirio gas power plant,55 megawatts from the Niu Power gas power plant and 40 megawatts from Rouna hydro. This, however, will further increase with 25 megawatts from Edevu hydro power plant in central province.

PNG Power is responsible for the distribution of electricity on the city’s grid, and apart from its own Rouna power stations, it purchases power from other providers such as Dirio and Niu Power.

November 27, 2020