“I’m with the current government, and that’s where I will stay," said Rigo Open Member Capt Lekwa Gure.

With the looming Vote of No Confidence (VONC), Rigo MP Captain Lekwa Gure vows to stay in the Peter O’Neill led Government in his full term as member for Rigo open.

He explained that the people have given him the mandate to make the decisions on their behalf and that is to stay in the Government.

“You (People) gave me the mandate to make those decisions on behalf of the Rigo people”, stressed Hon Gure.

Despite all Central Province’s members in the Opposition faction with the likes of Central Governor Hon Robert Agarobe, Abau MP Sir Puka Temu and the Kairuku-Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo and Hon William Samb, Hon Gure has maintained his commitment to the Government.  

He said he have been told by many of his people to move over to the opposition but maintains his decision is the right decision for the sake of Rigo.

“You played your part at the polling station (in 2017 NGE), now it’s up to me to make the right decision, right political decision for Rigo’s sake”,Gure said.  

“I’m with the current government, and that’s where I will stay, some of my constituents have texted me, and sent me WhatsApp messages telling me to move to the other side (Opposition) and others telling me to stay where I am,

“This tells me that we all have our own opinions, but you gave me the mandate and as your leader that’s my decision to make,

“I elected to stay with the current government and I reaffirm that, “Hon Gure stressed.

The Deputy Melanesian Alliance leader said he decided to stay with the Peoples National Congress (PNC) led government led by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

“It’s best to stay where we are, instead of just moving around, I just made one move and that’s where I will stay for the rest of my term, “he said.  

May 30, 2019