"SDP's focus in the way it is now, is about the future in terms of e-learning, e-education, e-health, the agri business that we’re talking about, that’s about the future."

PNG Sustainable Development Program Limited (SDP) is delighted to announce the appointment of provincial administrator of Western Province, Robert Alphonse Kaiyun, as a director to its board.

Mr. Kaiyun, from Karemgo village in the Middle Fly CMCA region brings a wealth of experience to the SDP board. Before his appointment as the provincial administrator, he was the district administrator of North Fly, the provincial planner, local government manager, and has been engaged in rural development work for almost 20 years. He’s travelled extensively in the province and understands the challenges the people of Western province face.

“For me, being a director on the SDP board adds value as it is the desire of our people, in terms of representation. I am confident I can be able to share information to the board in terms of our development challenges, and how our people are placed because of the impact of the mine;and that I want to see SDP as a major development partner in the province,”said Mr. Kaiyun.

"He said that since his appointment as the provincial administrator,he’s been working closely with Ok Tedi and SDP to see where they can all work in partnership to supplement and complement each other’s projects in the province."

“I am confident that our people, especially from the CMCA region will accept my appointment. Being a CMCA person, I know that I’ll be able to make presentations on behalf of the people at the board level, and make sure that the decision we make adds value. We want to give the people of Western province a sustainable future,” he said, adding that SDP is about the future.

“Our people must come out from the ‘dependency syndrome’. SDP is not about the compensation, it’s about the future. And I think the intention of SDP is not to provide cash compensation because it is short-term,” said Mr. Kaiyun.

“SDPs focus in the way it is now, is about the future in terms of e-learning, e-education, e-health, the agribusiness that we’re talking about, that’s about the future. And that’s my interest, we need to talk about the future. What we’ve been doing is that we’ve been talking about what I can get now. No. That’s why I’m excited about my appointment to the SDP board.And I’m sure that a lot of our people are too.”

Mr. Kaiyun said he does not agree with cash compensation.

“In terms of cash compensation, Ok Tedi is operating.And there are various arrangements, we can get cash compensation from. But for SDP and the Fly River Provincial Government (FRPG), we want to advocate thinking about the future. In Western province administration, we look at three development pillars – education, health and agri business, and of course,infrastructure. The population must have food to eat. If we can invest in agriculture, that would be great. That’s why I am in full support of SDP. And I am keen that as a member of the board, I want to be part of the team. We have potential for development. It’s just that the mindset of our people must be changed,” said Mr. Kaiyun.

Mr. Kaiyun thanks the SDP board for their confidence in him, as well as the governor of the province,Mr. Taboi Awi Yoto for this appointment.

June 26, 2019