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First day of classes see poor turn out of students as schools reopen after the 14 day lockdown.

It was slow start for schools in the nation’s capital, Port Moresby following a poor turn out of students on the first day of classes yesterday as schools reopened after a 14-day lockdown since 28 July.

Most schools reported a slow start on the first day and attributed it to fears among parents and students with the spike in COVID-19 cases in NCD but are hopeful attendance improves in the coming days.

The principal of Gerehu Secondary School said that the attendance of students for the first day was poor.  

“The school has strict hygiene measures in place with the No Mask, No Entry, No Classes rule for all students to abide by,” said Principal Besoko Aguna.  

Unlike other schools, Gordons Secondary said attendance was good on the first day.

“Almost all students from Grades 9 to Grade 12 were present for the resumption of their lessons. All Grade 12’s were present because of their Written Expression exams,” said Principal George Kenega in an interview.  

He said all students were encouraged on the first day to have their face masks on and their hands sanitized before entering the school gates.

“A bottle of hand sanitizer is placed in each classrooms and students’ hands are sanitized after recess and lunch before entering the classroom. We have enough hand basins and taps available for them to wash their hands.”

He said despite the disruptions to their learning because of coronavirus, students have been challenged to focus and get their minds back to school.

“It is their future after all. As time goes by, they will get back to focusing on their school.”

Photo credit: UNICEF PNG

Tasminnie Isimeli
August 18, 2020