"The triaining program aims to prepare and upskill teachers on revised teaching methods using the SBC structure."

Over 70 teachers from nine primary schools in the Sogeri catchment of Centra lProvince have been trained on the revised Standards-Based Curriculum (SBC) being implemented by the National Department of Education.

Supported by Australia in partnership with the Central Province Education Office, the week-long program at Sirinumu Dam Primary School targeted elementary and junior primary school teachers.

Central Province senior standards officer and co-facilitator, Patrick Dimsock said the training program aimed to prepare and upskill teachers on revised teaching methods using the SBC structure.

“Teachers need to understand the basics of the SBC before they can implement it in their schools,” said Mr Dimsock. “This will mean all students will be taught at the same standard and receive the same level of learning.” 

The National Department of Education re-introduced SBC in 2015 to replace the Outcome Based Education system. SBC sets clear basic education standards covering the school curriculum, teacher preparation and professional development, examinations, inspections and school governance.

Goberi Maino, training co-facilitator and head teacher at Itikinumu Primary School,said teachers must understand curriculum changes to ensure education standards are sustainably lifted across the province. 

“To achieve this standard, all students must reach a set benchmark to progress to the next stage and this can only be achieved with having the right attitude,right understanding and knowledge,” said Mr Maino.

Through the Kokoda Initiative, Australia assisted with the supply of training materials and logistics for the workshop, including travel and accommodation for attendees.

In 2019, the SBC will be rolled out to all schools along the Kokoda Track to provide a quality education for all children.

Press Release
December 28, 2018