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The Somare family has announced that they have gone into home isolation since Friday at Sir Michael and Lady Veronica’s family home at 4mile, Port Moresby due to a carer testing positive for COVID19.

“While we have been following COVID protocols such as washing hands, sanitizing and trying as much as we can to social distance ourselves we thought it more prudent to be cautious in light of the increasing number of COVID cases in the City and had arranged for COVID tests to be carried out last week on all family members and relatives that have come in to assist and grieve the passing of our father, Sir Michael,” according to a statement from the family.

The statement said “fortunately all family members have tested negative to the virus but we have been exposed to people that have tested positive. For this reason we are now observing stricter isolation protocols.”

In line with COVID measures, family members and relatives are no longer entering or leaving 4mile house. The family also asked that those that have visited 4mile in the last few days also go to locations such as the Rita Flynn Courts where you can be tested for COVID-19.

“We sincerely apologize for not be able to attend any ceremonies and we will not be able to receive any more visitors until our quarantine period is over.”

“We thank everyone for your understanding and cooperation at this time when numbers are spiking in the City. We also thank Oil Search, National Health Department and World Health Organisation for testing and support services.”

The family urged all Papua New Guineans to stay safe and observe all prescribed safety measures and precautions. COVID-19 is real and even though you might contract mild symptoms the elderly and immune suppressed may not fare so well. Please consider the vulnerable.

“We also take this opportunity to thank everyone both in country and abroad for the outpouring of love and sadness at the passing of our dear father Sir Michael Somare since Friday 26 February 2021.”

“We are humbled and comforted by the many messages of condolence, prayers, flowers and general acts of kindness towards Lady Veronica and the family.”

PNG Haus Bung
March 8, 2021