"Assessment for term two ended last week and students have missed out a lot on projects and assignments"

About 180 grade 8 students of the St Paul’s Catholic Primary school in NCD have missed out on their 2nd Mock Exam last week and a total of 1586 students are at home following the closure of the school by NCDC Health Inspectors three weeks ago due to the deteriorating toilet facilities.

Following the closure, parents agreed to contribute K50 per child to assist with the maintenance   cost however, up to date only K2500 was contributed from a handful of parents.

The school is heading into the 4th week since the closure and they are now reaching out to the general public.

Interim Chairman Mr Tom Kildi is making another appeal to the parents to bring the K50 contribution that was initially agreed to the P&C meeting at the school ground this Saturday.

“The total cost for the maintenance and construction work is more than K200, 000 which the school does not have and we believe the parents alone might not be able to meet that cost so we extend our appeal to business houses, ex St Paul’s students, our Open Member, the NCD Governor and other parliamentarians who wish to help” said Mr Kildi

Meanwhile Deputy Head Teacher Mrs Katharine Kandu said the assessment for term two ended last week and students have missed out a lot on projects and assignments which was supposed to make up 50 marks for term two. 

“It is impossible to transfer all  these students to other schools when those schools are already overcrowded, so the only way forward is to fix our toilets  and get the students back into class as soon as possible”

She said the teachers are prepared to squeeze in all the lessons students missed on the weekends or even during the term holiday as soon as the toilets are fixed and the suspension lifted by the NCDC.

Mrs Kandu also condemned the actions of the youths residing around the school area who have been entering the school preemies after hours putting up graffiti on the classrooms and even the toilets which is also an additional cost to get it cleaned off.  

 For the general public who might be willing to contribute some funds, you can contact the Interim Chairman Mr Tom Kildi on 73244434 or directly deposit into the St Paul’s Catholic Primary School Project  Account #:0015978563 (ANZ Waigani Branch).

June 13, 2018