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A final year student of the Don Bosco Technical Institute in Port Moresby got a pleasant surprise this week after he was unexpectedly offered a job by the Remington Group CEO for answering on question during the launching of the Group’s Scholarship Program.

The student, Mr. Charlton Dramak from Milne Bay & Manus provinces is a 4th year student pioneering in Instrumentation under the newly introduced Don Bosco Technical Institute program. Charlton is set for his Bachelors in Instrumentation after this year ends.

But to his surprise, Charlton was stunned to get a Job offer thrown at him by the CEO for Remington Group Peter Goodwin, after putting his hand up to answer 1 question correct.

To Charlton’s surprise after raising his hand and answering Goodwin’s question; Goodwin plainly uttered “thank you! You are correct, so when we are done here, you come and talk to me and we’ll talk about a job for you when you finish in this school.”

Charlton excitedly said that, “With the opportunity, which is given to me by the CEO, I am very much speechless and very excited.”

“I have my initial plans and goals in place, especially with the newly introduced program (Instrumentation) and as a pioneer, this course is relatively new, and because of the demand many of the instrumentation students are looking at working in the Mines (Processed Mines) Factories and all of that. But with Remington’s demonstration in initiating a partnership with DBTI and the opportunity that’s granted to me by the CEO, I am willing to make this job opportunity count.”

Yesterday marked a special event where Remington launched its Apprenticeship Program & TVET scholarship program (a pilot project) with the first 2 institute DBTI & DBTS for students studying in the field of Information Technology and Electronics said Group Manager Natasha Austin.

The Apprenticeship Program is where the Remington Group will be facilitating in collaboration with under The National Apprenticeship Trade and Testing Board (NATTB), a sub-division of the department of Labour and Industrial Relations.

Goodwin explained that, “The TVET Program lets students get an apprenticeship, and the apprenticeship lets these students acquire skills, knowledge- and practical experience is one thing but a scholastic experience award is even more important, and Remington can do that for the students.”

“No one else in our field is doing TVET like Remington is and that’s because we are invested in Papua New Guineans, and that’s because we are 100% Papua New Guinea owned, we’ve been here since 1948 and we provide professional career opportunities to PNG.”

TVET scholarship applications for DBTI students will be open next month.

Tamatangi Phillip
September 28, 2020