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As Grade 12 students are winding down their National Examination week, parents, school authorities and law enforcers are wary of the after exam parties that are likely to happen which has also been the case in the past years.

This has now prompted the Provincial Police Commander (PPC) for Western Highlands Province Chief Inspector Jacob Kamiak to send out a strong warning to students who may have plans for after exam parties or drinking in groups. PPC Kamiak said from last week after the grade 10 examination and even from past years, he has dealt with such nuisance from students and he has already advised his men to be alert for such illegal activities. “I want to warn students that police will be on full alert and on patrol to monitor any student that might attempt to engage in drinking in groups or have those so called illegal after exam parties at certain areas in the province.” “If any student is found causing nuisance after the exams, you will be arrested and charged according to the law,” said PPC Kamiak. He said students sitting for exams this week and in the coming week should seriously consider the journey ahead of them instead of starting an early celebration that might land them in trouble. “I appeal to students to think seriously about your future which is a long way from where you are and don’t give in to these illegal activities that may end your life too.” Meanwhile, tomorrow is the last day for 32,000 plus grade 12 students around the country who are sitting for the National Exam.

Christine KILDI
October 30, 2020