"The rain fed crop is planted over 275 hectares and is estimated to produce over 1,000 tons of rice when harvested."

In its ongoing support to develop a local rice industry for PNG, Trukai Industries Ltd is pleased to announce tha tits second commercial crop at Rangiampum in Umi along the Markham Valley is progressing well and harvesting has commenced this week.

This will be the second commercial harvest as the rice company continues to invest in local rice production.

The first harvest was completed last year, milled and packed in Lae, then distributed as Trukai Hamamas Rice, signifying a new dawn for a domestic commercial rice production for Trukai and PNG.

The rain fed crop is planted over 275 hectares and is estimated to produce over 1,000 tons of rice when harvested. The rice is 100 per cent locally made from planting through to harvesting, milling and packaging.

Trukai Industries Commercial Cropping Manager, Mr Nicodemus Bokame said the rice grown is Trukai 3 variety. The rice is a variety of long grain rice, bonus of being a naturally low glycaemic index (GI) to provide sustained energy release.

The Markham Rice Project is being implemented in partnership between Trukai Industries Limited and the Chingwham Rice Growers Cooperative from Rangiampum village.

The land is owned by the locals and Trukai supports with capital, technical expertise and other resources to develop the rice project.

Trukai also provide the locals with direct income earning opportunity by buying the rice paddies from them.

Trukai Industries Ltd, Chief Executive Officer, Mr Greg Worthington Eyre said the harvest will be another milestone as we commence our journey towards developing a local rice industry for PNG. Asharvest is completed, we will move into the next stage of development by preparing an additional 500 hectares of land to expand the crop for the 2020planting.

Meanwhile, Trukai Industries is also excited to announce that its Baiyer Valley Rice Project in Western Highlands is progressing well with the rice varieties already identified to suit the area.

“The company has invested significantly in research and trials over the years and we are pleased to see that our localrice projects in Markham and Baiyer Valley in Morobe and Western Highlands provinces are progressing well with the right rice varieties identified for each area.

“These projects are in line with our vision of developing the Markham Valley Rice Corridor for PNG as is strategicallylocated for ease of access for transport from the fields to our factory in Laefor milling, packaging and distribution”, said Mr Worthington-Eyre. He went onto say “The Baiyer Valley trials are in their second stage of progress andrecently a team of senior managers from Trukai met with representatives of theMul-Baiyer-Lumusa Authority to layout the initial planning process for the development of a major rice and stockfeed cropping project, as the second major investment for Trukai”.

May 30, 2019