"Partnership with the Media in PNG is important to further the aims and objectives of the government."

PNGFM’s breakfast news reporter Ms Kerebi David was announced winner for the Best Reporter for Radio Media Category in 2018 among fellow awardees for 6 other categories during the Community Development Media Awards Night in Port Moresby.  

The 29 year old Yumi FM breakfast reporter from Simbu Province was selected among other nominees by the Department’s Secretary Anna K. Solomon and Media Manager David Nugi for consistency in writing stories for the department’s activities and achievements and most importantly disseminating vital information to the mass.  

Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development Soroi Eoe thanked individual Media in PNG for its important partnership to further the aims and objectives of the government. 

“The media plays a vital role in touching the lives of people, taking our programs right into the living rooms of families, provincial centres and the country at large,”Eoe said.   

Secretary Anna Solomon said the media is a key development partner in promoting, empowering and providing more opportunities to the vulnerable and marginalized population.  

"We would like to embrace and strengthen this partnership by hosting the Media Awards Event to say thank you to all the Media Organizations for your continuous support in promoting and informing the wider community on the department’s roles and goals towards developing safe, healthy and happy communities."

The Media Awards Night is an initiative by Secretary Solomon and is the second consecutive event hosted by the department after its launch in 2018 which is primarily focused on recognizing the efforts of journalists.

March 4, 2019