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"Downhearted" is the third single released by Australian surf rock band Australian Crawl from their debut album The Boys Light Up. The song was written by Sean Higgins, Guy McDonough and Bill McDonough. All three songwriters had been bandmates in the Flatheads, but at the time only Bill McDonough was a member of Australian Crawl. It was produced by David Briggs.

"Downhearted" was released in May 1980 and reached number 12 on the Australian Singles Chart in July 1980.

Different B-sides were released in different markets.Australian B-side was "Way I've Been" written by Australian Crawl member Brad Robinson and his father James Robinson. James Robinson was a Federal Arbitration Court Justice. Canadian B-side was "Indisposed" was co-written by the Robinsons with James Reyne and Bill McDonough. The song describes the car accident which resulted in Reyne breaking both wrists immediately before they recorded their first single "Beautiful People" (1979). The B-side for the UK release was "Letter From Zimbabwe" (Reyne).

(Source: Wikipedia)