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"Government’s management through challenging times enabled the country to continue to have a good investment environment in the mining sector." says Newcrest Mining CEO.

The National Government’s excellent management through some challenging times has enabled the country to continue to have a good investment environment in the mining sector.

The Managing Director and CEO of Newcrest Mining Ltd, Mr. Sandeep Biswas made this statement during the dialogue on strategies to promote the inclusive, sustainable development of the resource industry at the 2018 APEC CEO Summit this week.

This is why the CEO said PNG has world class mines to show for it, indicating the country is open for business as it competes with other economies for foreign investments.

“Here in PNG, we are encouraged by the message sent by this country’s senior leaders about their desire to set the right conditions to attract responsible, sustainable miners to develop its mineral wealth,” said the CEO.

“For example, amidst a robust and democratic national debate about what constitutes an appropriate share of resource revenue between the nation, landowners; Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and other senior leaders have consistently reiterated the government’s commitment to consultation with industry.”

“They have provided assurance that any changes should not affect establishing operations and advanced projects and the government has clearly indicated an intention to leverage international expertise in reviewing proposed changes to relevant legislation,” he said.

By Emmanuel MAIPE
November 18, 2018